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Florence et Michel GUERIN

Michel GUERIN book

1* the irish terrier (in french)


The book is in French but you can see a lot of pictures and it's pleasant to see , if some body can translate it, he is welcome , so I could give the translation beside , We cannot envisage to print a new edition in English because we have no editor and the cost is very expensive for few copy with so much color pages .

Michel Guerin wrote a beautiful book on Irish terrier breed with many color pictures.

To know this race in depth: the arrival of the pup, food, health, uses, grooming, breeding, last years, …

 a young professional photographer  Nathalie HOUDIN  spent 2 days with the dogs to track them in their sometimes acrobatics positions.

 Many owners of irish took part by sending their photographs, they are highly thanked for it!

it has been a book made by an exclusive irish terrier breeder since 10 years!

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 3 rue de la forge- LE MOULIN




by postal transfer 50€ including all taxes + postal fees POSTAL FEES ( CARDBOARD OR BLISTER PACK with follow-up) :

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 for the international postal transfers , contact the author by email or phone +33 380 810 016 or +33615677100

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The author: Michel GUERIN

This work is intended for all those which are interested by Terriers and in particular in  Irish terrier.

There does not exist any more, at the present time of French version relating to the Irish terrier.

The editions DE VECCHI with which we kindly requested to republish it excel book of LIMOUZY

having refused, the author decided to carry out this essay following the request of many owners of Irish terriers.

 Engineer of the National Academy of Arts and Trades of Paris, he found a hobby per hour of the retirement

(grace or because of his  wife) in the breeding of Irish Terrier. In addition to his wife and of his son,

he increases his family with his Irish which he adores, in a small village of North Burgundy, Gurgy la ville (40 inhabitants).

The Photographer: Nathalie HOUDIN

Nathalie Houdin Photographer for animals born in Lyon in 1977.

 Impassioned and touched by nature and his inhabitants, I like through photography to make share,

discover and look of a different eye this beauty which surrounds us, that it is animal, vegetable, domestic or wild.


Some pages

the characters are more readable than in these examples reduced to the maximum!




 la SCC (société centrale canine), N#145 du 2nd term 2009 ,page25

the  Auther  is VERY PROUD  of this OFFICIAL RECOGNITION and thanks the SCC!



CFAT&DT (club français de l'airedale et divers terriers) "gazette des terriers" N° 94 , page 18





friends from Belgium



Message du 31/12/08 17:09
> De : "André Awouters"
> A :
> Copie à :
> Objet : Voeux

> Bonsoir,

Nous vous présentons nos meilleurs voeux de bonheur et santé pour 2009.

Nous en profitons également pour vous féliciter pour le très beau livre sur l'irish terrier.

C'est un livre très complet, agréable à lire et avec de très jolies photos.

Nous vous souhaitons un agréable réveillon entourés de vos petits diables (diables certainement mais tellement adorables).




Marianne et André



newspaper "le chatillonais et l'auxois"  16/01/2009



A German breeder account



the book has arrived safely. Thank you very much. It is very
interesting and the pictures are great.

( le livre est bien arrivé .Merci beaucoup. C'est très intéressant et les photos sont super)






An  irish terrier and  airedale owner


Enfin une présentation qui nous change  des ouvrages habituels  de ce genre de lecture.

 Voici mes premières impressions.

   La splendide photo de la jaquette, très attrayante  Est-ce Tickety-boo ?

 - les remerciements qui sont le fruit de personnes ayant un grand cœur!

 -La préface et la naissance de ce chien assez extraordinaire au caractère bien trempé viennent compléter ma culture "Irish" bien modeste. Je manque aussi d'expérience en ce domaine.

 -le format sympa qui prédispose à la lecture , le choix du papier qui ne fatigue pas les  yeux un peu fatigués

  - la présentation, la mise en page et les nombreuses photos qui en font un ouvrage très agréable, qui devrait plaire non seulement aux amoureux de     l"irish" mais aussi aux futurs acquéreurs

 - .  Sincèrement BRAVO.

  Maintenant les choses sérieuses vont commencer      la lecture  et compléter toutes mes lacunes en la matière. Encore merci pour cet ouvrage et je lui souhaite un succès mérité.

    Très affectueusement et à bientôt  G.



2* soon


-my dogs


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